Akshay Bhat

Akshay Bhat

Cornell Tech, 111 8th Ave, New York City
Advisor: Ramin Zabih

I am a PhD candidate in Information Science at Cornell Tech in New York City. I am interested in large scale data mining applied to healthcare, cyber security & video analytics. During summer 2016, I interned at Dropbox with Abuse Prevention team. Before PhD, I completed Master of Engineering in Computer Science from Cornell.

I like to ask simple questions and build practical systems capable of producing significant impact by answering those questions.

How can we share & analyze visual data?

Deep Video Analytics

In spite of recent advances in computer vision, there is a need for a platform to analyze & share visual data (images,videos). Deep Video Analytics is an open source visual data analytics platform. Using Deep Video Analytics users can quickly load, annotate, index, images & videos. Further annotated/indexed datasets can be shared seamlessly using Visual Data Network.

Deep Video Analytics Visual Data Network

How can we use large de-identified patient datasets?

Computational Healthcare

Today medical researchers can acquire de-identified data on millions of patients. Yet currently there are no systems that allow them to quickly explore & use this data while ensuring compliance with privacy requirements. Computational Healthcare platform indexes and aggregates data from millions of patient visits, enabling physicians and researchers to conduct high-impact medical research.

Past projects

I have worked on several projects such as community detection for Twitter, prediction of radiology imaging order protocols. As an undergraduate student I published research on prediction of physical properties of molecules. Recently I built EraseImage.com to experiment with interactive computer vision applications.

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