Akshay Bhat

PhD Candidate at &

Email: akshayubhat@gmail.com
Office: Cornell Tech, 111 8th Ave, NY 10011
Advisor: Ramin Zabih

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Compuational Healthcare

PhD Research & Startup

As part of my PhD research, I am developing Computational Healthcare a Search & Aggregation Engine.

Computational Healthcare indexes and aggregates data from millions of healthcare visits. Using novel privacy preserving aggregation strategies it simplifies data analysis & dissemination. It is developed in collaboration with Radiology and Anesthesiology departments at Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University.

I am a co-founder of Temporal Health. Temporal Health aims to make information derived from large healthcare databases accessible to a broad audience.

Visual Search

Machine Learning & Computer Vision

I am currently developing a simple visual indexing and search system, using features derived from Google's inception model trained on the imagenet data. Along with an Approximate Nearest Neighbor query server. I am developing a swift app that computes index vector on smartphone and retrives results from the server. Images are efficiently (2$ per 400,000 images) indexed using AWS spot GPU instances.

Previously I built EraseImage.com an online tool for segmenting images. It lets users perform image segmentation and background removal, completely in client-side JS. It is implemented using Angular, FabricJS and superpixel algorithms.

Top: Visual Search Server, Bottom: EraseImage.com


I am interested in using a cheap ( Total cost < 300$ ) combination of an Android smartphone and a Sphero for monitoring and reconstruction tasks. Such devices are extremely useful for several custom tasks. E.g. Periodically taking pictures of a room for 3D reconstruction. Or programmable movable lights inside a photography studio.

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