Akshay Bhat

Akshay Bhat


I am interested in large scale data mining applied to cybersecurity and computer vision. From 2012 to 2017 I was a PhD candidate in Information Science at Cornell Tech, Cornell University advised by Prof. Ramin Zabih. I am currently on leave from the PhD program with dissertation pending.

I am interested in building new mediums that can serve as novel tools for thought. This is best exemplified by Deep Video Analytics. Deep Video Analytics formalizes representation and processing of visual data. It has potential to serve as a medium for data-centric approaches to Computer Vision.

Before DVA, I built Computational Healthcare. Computational Healthcare aimed to empower physicians, researchers and patients by making large de-identified patient datasets accessible, While reducing privacy/security risks. It was used by researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College and lead to several papers & abstracts.

Deep Video Analytics

Computational Healthcare

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